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Employer portal

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Employer portal

Paymenow is FREE to employers

The Paymenow employer portal is a web based app that allows the employer the ability to manage employee data on Paymenow.
The portal provides a dashboard with key performance metrics (KPIs) and trends around Paymenow utilisation.
Permissioned users are able to manage bulk employee data via file upload, or manually manage individual employee data via direct input on the app.
Users are able to download reconciliation files from the app which facilitates the salary deduction process, to ensure employees are paid the correct amount come payday.
Users are able to log support requests and engage with the support team.

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Tiering Plan

Socially and financially responsible

Paymenow takes employees’ best interests to heart by encouraging in-app financial education through gamification. By taking employees on a financial wellness and inclusion journey through financial education, employees earn Paymenow points and advance through tiers to achieve greater access to already earned wages at discounted fees.

Tiering through financial education

Employees earn points by successfully completing education modules, financial questionnaires and credit checks.