About Us


Financial wellness

Paymenow is a financial wellness and inclusion platform that allows employees early access to already earned wages.
The service aims to empower users on how to migrate from indebtedness to becoming investors. The platform promotes responsible financial behaviour and encourages saving.
Our vision is to initially ease the burden inflicted by payday and micro lenders through affordable, real-time, access to cash and to then educate and assist reaching financial goals.

Paymenow, happy employee, happy employer.


How does it work?

Since the dawn of the 20th century, employees have taken the risk of working upfront and only being paid for their labour at the end of a pre-defined period (typically monthly).
This inaccessibility to already earned wages often causes financial stress as life and expenses do not always wait until pay day!
Paymenow takes this delay out of the equation by giving employees real-time access to already earned wages with an app that is integrated with the employer’s payroll system.
Employees are able to cash out a percentage of their earnings and this amount is deducted at the end of the period from their salary.


Meet The Team

Paymenow Team

Deon Nobrega

Managing Director

Bryan Habana

Head of Business Development

Willem Van Zyl

Technical Director

Gerbrand Potgieter

Director of Software Development